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Just a short one post. We got a nice surprise in our inbox today. The Selfie Lab is a nominee in the’s Wedding Award 2019. If you have had great service from us in the past it would be amazing if you could click the link below and let them know of your experience with us.

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Liam Doherty Comment
Lighting is everything!

An example of soft lighting photography that I shot in a studio with the use of a large soft box.

Model: Sinopa Rin

A photobooth at your event makes the special evening truly memorable. The entertaining moments taking the pictures with friends and loved ones subsequently becomes a lasting memento in the form of photographs. When you look back at those prints; days, months and even years later, one thing is a must.. They should be clear in quality.

I have eight years of photography experience and I was awarded an HND in photography which I studied for 2 years at City College in Southampton. As a qualified professional, I know that the most important technical element to achieve a faultless photo is lighting. 

Photographers will describe different terminology using all sorts of technical jargon but there are only two things you need to know about "hard" and "soft" lighting. 

Hard light is produced by smaller light sources such as a bare bulb or a torch. To get an idea of what is meant by this type of lighting, think about contrasts. Hard light will emphasise any areas of dark and light with clean bold lines if for instance a photo of someones face is being taken at an angle, shadows will be cast by the subject's nose . It could become a distracting feature of the final photo. In the hands of a professional, hard light can be used with great precision to produce striking portraits, however it can be very unforgiving.

Soft lighting is produced by larger light sources for instance, the flash we use on The Selfie Lab. This type of lighting produces, softer edges and shadows. It gently wraps around the subject of the picture rather than exposing every contour and sharp edge. In the example from before, if you are not face on to the camera your nose will still produce a shadow on your face, but this shadow will be soft and change tone gently. It will soften the contours of your face rather than become prominent features. This softening leads to a more flattering portrait and is much more aesthetically pleasing even if the subject is not positioned at their best angle.

When people are presented with an array of portraits where the only change is the quality of the lighting, the overwhelming majority of people will choose the portraits with the softest lighting as their preferred option. This is because they felt that the softly lit pictures were warm and welcoming - friendly even. The same portraits taken in a harder light are described as dramatic and sinister as well as accentuate any wrinkles and blemishes on the face of the subject.

It is this understanding of lightning that has informed the design of our photobooth. Other booths have small light sources, thus producing hard and unflattering light. I have custom designed The Selfie Lab, which has a wide light source designed to diffuse brightness ensuing superior photograph quality. 

One of the reasons to hire The Selfie Lab Photobooth for your event is so that your friends and families can take their flattering and fun photos away with them so they can laugh and reminisce about the night. #Qualityiskey