Frequently asked questions about The Selfie Lab Photobooth

How many people can fit in to The Selfie Lab?

Due to its adaptable and open layout design, TSL has accommodated for up to 15 people at a time!

 How much do you charge?

TSL provides a number of packages, all available on our bookings page. All you need to do is select a date and you will be redirected to our services via the website. We pride ourselves on providing 100% customer satisfaction, so please feel free to enquire should you wish to make any additions/adjustments to any of the packages.

 Will someone from The Selfie Lab be at my event to assist with the booth?

Yes. We are there from start to finish of the booth experience. TSL wants to ensure that you and your guests have a fun time without some of the hassles that technology can sometimes bring.

 What are the space and power requirements for The Selfie Lab?

Ideally, an accessible space is required to ensure that all of your guests can use the photobooth. For the best photobooth experience, we strongly suggest that you provide a space 3m x 3m sq  (10ft x 10ft). Access to a standard plug and a single wall socket that is specifically dedicated to the booth is required. We do have extension cord that provides flexibility on how far we can be from the mains. We also have floor covers to cover wires to ensure safety for you and your guests.

Is set-up of the photobooth included in the cost?

The Selfie Lab includes the set up and dismantling of the booth in its costs. Regardless of how long your session is, all of that time is dedicated to your photobooth experience. If you require TSL to set up more than an hour and a half prior to your event, a small advance set up fee will be added when you make your booking.

Is The Selfie Lab outside-friendly?

The photobooth can be used outdoors however, it is not recommended. Bright sunlight can have harsh and adverse effects on the quality of the images that we produce. Additional equipment may also be required for other conditions such as rain e.g. Marquees.

Can you share the prints on social media during the event?

Absolutely! TSL software gives its users the option to share photos on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t have any of these? You can also email them. Please note that we can remove this option as it can slow down the number people having a chance with the booth. TSL can also set up a laptop sharing station to allow guests to use this option, depending on the size of the venue. Your photos can also be live streamed onto a TV/monitor during the event.

Will I receive digital copies of the photos after the event?

Yes. TSL ensures all of the photos are available within 24 hours of the event. This will either be delivered via or a Dropbox link at no extra cost. We can call provide a USB drive for a small fee. You can find further information on this via our bookings page.

What backdrops do you provide?

The Selfie Lab has an array of different backdrops which can be seen on our events page. We are also happy to provide a customised backdrop, so feel free to to contact us to create a mood board for your event.

Do you provide props?

What is a photobooth without props? Our packages include a selection of standard props, mixing from mustaches to big lips and funky glasses! If you would like customised props for your event, we are also able to provide this for you. Please see our package details on the booking page.

 I want to booth all night! Can I add extra time to hire the booth for my event?

Yes. On several occasions, guests have had such a wonderful time that their original slot time was not enough! See more about additional booth time via our booking page.

 Can’t see your question on here? Please contact us.

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